Weekend Highlights

Fancy wrapping paper, famous people and fried food.  
That about sums up my weekend in F's.

I'll start off by bragging about the speed of which I finished birthday present shopping for 4 people in under an hour and 1/2.  I even had time for a caramel cooler at Caribou while reading Gospel (JD Greear's new book).  (How stereotypical Christian was that?) Got some fancy wrapping paper and gift bags, wrapped it all up, then got ready for the evening.

It is also stereotypical Christian of me to love Casting Crowns.  Well, thanks to Corie (and Stephen for thinking of me) I got to go to their concert with Sanctus Real, The Afters and Lindsay McCaul (who is Corie's cousin).  + MEET AND GREETS :)
that's right. vip.
matt hammitt from sanctus real ahhh!!

us with part of casting crowns! (more pics will be on FB)

So Saturday was fun but driving home around midnight was exhausting!

Today was FAIR DAY #2!  Just a few fun moments:
just reliving an old apple cider tradition <3.

letting Al draw my pic... he gave me buck teeth though!
he also complained the whole time about how horrible
boiled peanuts are.  he was so cute with his zebra hat.

Thank goodness for auto saves on blogger.com.  I just accidentally backed out of this and it was still here when I came back.  Anyway, more pics of the fair will be on Facebook as well as a video of Ainsley freaking out on the Vertigo ride ( very entertaining ).  

Also very entertaining:  The people watching game we played while taking a break today.  We tried to come up with lies each person walking by was telling someone in their life.  We went from cheating husbands to in the closet lesbians to men who wished his wife would stop wanting to have more kids.  Hopefully none of our "guesses" were true. 

After a long good farewell to the fair I ran errands with Mel to get our Halloween costumes ready.  So. Excited.  We're gonna look awesome- if I'm able to walk in mine (seriously).  Or sit.  Or stand next to anyone.  Ummmmm....  we'll see!  

So glad to be home early-ish tonight.  Yes it's because my fair adventure had me feeling sick earlier, but now I am sitting in my room with all tealights lit and my fireside marshmallow candle burning and it's nice.  

PS.  I love Fall.  And my new boyfriend (see below).

he's perfect.  cuddly and honest,
likes to save me money with geico,
& if his head gets too big it can easily be deflated. ;)


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