fight your your right to bite

Petting zoos are disgusting.  They're gross and they stink-- and they could literally make you sick.  Oh but I won't stay away.  Why?  Because petting zoos are a reason to LOVE the NC State Fair.
3 years ago at the fair petting zoo
When I was younger, goats were my favorite.  My poor parents HAD to take me through the barnyard petting zoo when we first got into the fair.  I know they thought it was disgusting, but they sacrificed their cleanliness for me to feed the goats.  I had to feed the goats.  

I've since graduated to the petting zoo near where the pig races are held.  BECAUSE THEY HAVE CAMELS!  (As a Campbell alum, how could this not make my day?)  Do you know how funny it is to watch camels and goats fight over carrots/food pellets?  I'm not even sure how they could be HUNGRY!  Especially in the evening when you know they've been fed all day long! They are, though.  If you are a spectator with food, the camel will follow you around, the goats all stuff their faces through the rails pushing each other away fighting for their right to bite, and the sheep, well we all know sheep are dumb so they mostly miss out because of their lack of aggressiveness.  

Rules for the petting zoo:

Keep your hand flat when feeding the animals.

If you don't want to pay to buy the carrots or pellets to feed the animals, just look on the ground.  Kids drop pieces and if the goats can't stretch their heads far enough (even though they try) the food is left on the ground so there is plenty of leftover food to feed the animals. 

Don't take many pictures.  The lady manning the petting zoo can have a big attitude (just ask my sister).  

The camel will feel like he's suckling your hand.  It is a little awkward.


Enjoy, but be careful.  :)
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Just another reason to Love A Fair. 


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