Love A Fair for the Romance :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, pay attention to this announcement!  The fair is a romantic date!  Also, pay attention this announcement:  if the apple of your eye doesn't agree with this, she may be rotten.  I don't know how any girl could not think the fair is a romantic place to spend with the object of their affection. ;)

Here are the romantic things about the fair:
  • Sharing food.  No one should eat an entire thing of fried pickles alone- and face it- there's something romantic about sharing food (unless you're sharing with a friend.  don't make things awkward).
  • The ferris wheel.  I'll be honest- I'm not really a huge ferris wheel fan, but Hollywood has told me that ferris wheels are romantic and one day I will share one with someone I love just to cross it off of the bucket list.
  • The games.  Who knows what "macho" guy started this tradition, but it's only right for the guy to spend "$48 at the county fair" to win her a teddy bear, right Tim?
  • Other rides.  The musik express for one-- what other ride makes you wanna throw up and excites you as much as this one?  The exciting part is how she slides right into you around every turn (unless she's the larger one, then hopefully you're sliding into her... just sayin).
  • Photo opportunities.  Every guy knows that girls want pictures of, well, everything.  The fair gives you an opportunity to oblige.
  • The cold weather.  Usually it's colder around fair time, which means extra snuggling in line, on the ferris wheel and during the fireworks.
  • The fireworks.
  • The chance to show each other your inner child, be yourself, and have a great time.  Nothing is more attractive than watching someone enjoying life.
Unfortunately I will not have a date to the fair this year, but things will get better.  Things happen. If you have someone to take, don't miss your chance.  The fair is coming NEXT. WEEK. and I. CAN'T. WAIT.



  1. I absolutely love your blog. You are the best writer and oh so funny!! :)


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