My 2nd Pinterest Project

Ahhh vacation.  It is so nice to know I don't have to go to work tomorrow or Friday.  I even took a half day today.  What does one do with this freedom and later bedtime?  Pinterest.  Check out the pics below of my 2nd project inspired by this fun/new/popular website; I made a Christmas wreath!  Granted it doesn't look as awesome as the picture that inspired me-- but my crafts never ever look as good as my vision for them (the downfall of an impatient girl).  I'd say it isn't bad for a slight rush job though!
all the materials - minus the ribbon and hot glue

at this point i was convinced it was NOT going to work

a few balls short, but good enough!


  1. holy mack. i love this! girl, you fancy with them christmas balls. if i copy you, will you be flattered or just annoyed?


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