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Looking for Eggs in the Easter Egg Hunt of Life

​I am such an analogical writer. As I write about life's quirks, twists, turns, joy and complexity, more often than not, I'm using analogies as my blog posts' backbone. From puppies, to inanimate objects, to situational anomalies--when the mood to write strikes, comparisons fly. 
So it isn't unfamiliar territory or a surprise for you as a reader that today I write about how Easter egg hunts are similar to life and our quest for happiness.
Growing up, we had easter egg hunts every year at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We used the same individually wrapped candy eggs every year (pictured below), and sometimes the same accidentally unwrapped candy eggs every year. That's right, year after year, there wasn't a crack or blemish on something that was intended for consumption (gross, right?). Anyway, the egg hunts became increasingly competitive yearly until my cousins were born and it was more about their enjoyment rather than our egg hunting skills. 
I don't hav…

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