to write a book, or to not write a book - that is the question

As I've been saying lately, I'm over Facebook. The drama, the politics, the way it monopolizes your quality in person time. Now, Facebook has some good qualities. I enjoy the incessant amounts of cat videos, adorable babies and being able to "keep in touch" with the people who are a little bit more than acquaintances but on the lower tier of friends (due to distance, life stages, time - or lack of). I also enjoy the support and encouragement that can come from a "like" or a kind comment. My blog, Thought of the Day by Lori was started on October 26, 2010 (my mom's birthday!). For years now, I've put my posts on Facebook, and have had an outpouring of compliments and interest in what I would have thought no one would care about.

What a confidence boost! I've been amazed at the number of people who have approached me in public to tell me how much they love reading my blog. Some think I'm hilarious (see, I'm not the ONLY one), and others praise my writing abilities. Almost all of them have encouraged me to write a book. My mom has done a bit more than encourage - rather she has harassed me to write one.

So here I sit. 6 years, 3 months and 1 day after my first blog post was published, and I'm brainstorming ideas for my book. Pretty much after this, they'll sit as a draft in my Gmail inbox for months until I feel I have a direction.

See, a lot of my "write a book" encouragement hasn't come from my blog posts alone. Much of it comes from the embarrassing, unbelievable, crazy things that have happened in my life - and my Facebook posts depicting them. I've flipped in a car, been robbed at gunpoint, been on the other side of an affair (unknowingly), met a self-proclaimed vampire and had quite the unsuccessful run with online dating. I've taken fake cabs, been publicly applauded for a date rejection and punched a couple of people in the face. Oh, and I'll never forget the time that I got fired from Chick-fil-a, my dog had surgery, my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me, got my first speeding ticket and snuck into the front row to Brad Paisley within a matter of 7 days. Yes, really.

The funniest and most ridiculous stories of them all stem from my dating days. From Match to Tinder, blind dates, public pick ups and friends of friends, you'd think I'd be traveling the world as an anti-dating advocate. At least as a cheerleader for single ladies I'd be more likely to become famous on Ellen rather than Maury. If I wrote a book on dating, you'd be certain to laugh with and commiserate with me as you turn the pages. My book would surely become a coffee table staple and a 'grab on the way to the toilet' type of paperback for when your phone is dead.

However, after several brainstorming sessions (yes, I even had the chapters and sections already listed out), I've decided to scratch the idea of a dating book, despite how much my future daughter would thrive on the embarrassing stories. I no longer have a book direction, but my desire to write remains. See, there's this guy named Chris, and the more time I spend with him, the harder it is for me to remember a time before him, nor do I want to.

I think the past makes us who we are and there's certainly no harm in a good laugh over a girl's night. However, every person before Chris is an insignificant speck in my timeline and an un-welcomed memory in comparison with the happiness I experience every single day.

So, I'm sorry to those who were waiting on a memoir of my cringe-worthy past. I'll write something amazing someday; a few ideas are already in the works. I once had a guy tell me I was sent to him from God, (while crying... on our 2nd date...) and that he had finally found the American dream with me. Just like he believed he had found his future wife - I know you all believe in me, that I can write a book. He was way (way, way, way, way) off the mark, but I'm hoping you all are right. Stay tuned, and thanks for the encouragement.


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