20 Things Only a Fighting Camel Would Know

I may be a proud Campbell alum, but I haven't stepped foot on the campus in over 3 years. I partly blame my family for this being October babies as well as my love and slight obsession with the State Fair - as October tends to be the month for homecoming at CU. Granted, I could go back at any time, but excuses aside, the fact is I haven't been in a really long time.

Last night, Hannah and I went to Campbell for the Needtobreathe concert. As we rode through Benson approaching Buies Creek, all I could think of were the pre-Lillington Waffle House days and Carla, the "thank you lady."

A 2 minute ride through campus (which is really all it takes to see all of it, bless it's small town heart) and so many other memories were flooding back from times "studying" in the Oasis to having mullet scavenger hunts in Walmart. Truthfully all the memories were good - even the time I peed myself in the academic circle...no shame.

So for fun and in a true Buzzfeed fashion, I want to name 20 things only a Campbell alum would know:

1. You had to wipe all cups down in Shouse before actually drinking from them - and you still shouldn't have gone straw-less.

2. Sandy was the best sidekick to walk you to class or back to your dorm late at night.

3. If you wanted a free t-shirt at Midnight Breakfast (or any event, really), lining up 2 hours early was necessary.

4. Getting an assigned seat next to or even near a friend in CUW was a rare but perfect occasion.

5. The people in the post office usually had major attitudes.

6. Marshbanks was the better cafeteria for breakfast, hands down.

7. The bricks were out to get you.

8. The squirrels were out to get you.

9. Environmental Science classes and Dr. Larsen's labs were the best science credits ever - especially when it was time to learn about feral cats.

10. The Waffle House in Benson was still better than the one in Lillington and always will be.

11. Soccer games were our football for years.

12. Walmart and Las Brisas is what you did on a Friday night.

13. Private Christian school meant the parties were down the street instead of on campus.

14. The puddles were out to get you.

15. The stray cats were out to get you.

16. Volunteering to be a designated helper meant you got to move in before everyone else and that's the only reason you did it.

17. Walking fitness was the easiest credit, ever.

18. All of the people who climbed the trees were friends.

19. Homecoming meant bagpipes no matter how long you wanted to sleep in.

20. If you got a corner booth in the Oasis, you were winning.

I could go on but as attention span goes, I'll stop at 20. Fellow Camels, what would you add to the list?


  1. This is a great list. 07' graduate. When Chic-Fill-A came to campus it was heaven.

  2. The school color seemed more often than not Construction orange rather than Campbell Orange. This is Nick Edwards btw I didn't feel like making a profile to comment.

  3. Fear of dieing while crossing the street to run on the track.

  4. This is just so accruate. I graduated in 2005 and so many things are so applicable. I so miss Sandy -- she was amazing!! What a great school. It might be time I take a drive down there myself :-) Thanks for sharing!

  5. It was normal to see a horse at the gas station. 2012 graduate.

  6. The cross county trail treck at midnight with a large group was the other best Friday night event. Frogs and insect noises in the sheriff's backyard to get someone to scream was a bonus. ;) and of course making the tallest person in the group go first to knock down the enormous spiders.

  7. I don't know if it still applies...but if you were lucky enough to live in "the firehouse", you lived in party central! And when you registered for classes, you knew to avoid the Terrible T's- Tuck, Taylor & Thomas! Class of 04!

    1. Class of 11 & this was true til 08. But very true!

  8. If you wanted to be on time for class and get chic-fil-a you needed to be there an hour early!!

  9. Ms. Brenda in Marshbanks made the best omlettes on campus!!!!

  10. Omlets were the highlight of my mornings! and CAB kept me occupied!

  11. My best friend and i used to go in the woods behind the football statium. We caught some people doing drugs. It was great. We would go as deep as the water treatment plant. Man, I miss that place.

    Brittany Cox, 2010


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