Waffle House Carla

This week I was reminded of Carla.  Carla, a waitress at a Waffle House. Carla, the server of "Crayola" grits and "band-aid" infested sodas.  Carla, who was worth continuing the 30 minute drive even after a Waffle House was built five minutes from campus.  Carla, who told us she was struggling to raise and provide for her kids but always had a smile on her face.  Carla, who loved her Campbell student customers.  Carla, the "thank you" lady.

This lady.  She was one of those overly friendly people that have the tendency to drive you crazy, but for some reason it didn't annoy us.  She not only said thank you when you paid and left - she said thank you when you sat down... thank you when she brought you your food... and thank you..... when you said thank you!!!  Once Justin yelled thank you and ran out the door - and wouldn't you know Carla opened the door, yelled thank you back to him and shut the door quickly.  Carla - 1, Justin - 0.

She also said thank you when we baked her cookies and gave her a card for her birthday - even though she couldn't eat the cookies due to her diabetes (oops).  She said thank you an average of 30 times for the duration of any given meal.

It was strange - but all of us loved Carla.  She was there when we studied for exams in the Waffle House, she was there when we were hungry late at night and she was there when we just needed to get out of our dorm rooms and act like complete idiots. 

You never know what kind of people you will cross paths with but I'm glad we made "friends" with Carla.  I remember going to say goodbye to her during our last week at Campbell.  I do believe if we would just show a little kindness to everyone we meet it really does make a difference in their life and ours.  I'll never forget her and I hope somewhere she is doing well and still has that positive attitude.

Thank you Carla!


  1. I have a "Carla", except her name is Mrs. Ella. She worked at Harris Teeter and was always sweet to my boys, even when one was screaming for candy when we were buying our groceries. Sadly, she retired and I didn't get to tell her goodbye!


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