writer's block

I have the urge to write right now, but I have a serious case of writer's block.  It's funny.  I love writing and am never without something to laugh about, vent about, talk about, ask about... but for some nothing is coming to me.  Normally, I could write a blog about something like ice cream and make it pretty interesting to even the most lactose intolerant person.

Mmmm ice cream.

Maybe I should do that.  Blog about ice cream.  Mint chocolate chip, cookie dough, bunny tracks... A waffle cone in the summer time...

Or, I should stop wasting your time and get back to this when my creativity returns.  I guess I just wanted to check in cause I realized I haven't blogged in a while.  How do I top my last one, though?  I re read it earlier and I must admit I may have even inspired myself.

Here's hoping my favorite people have a good week.  My favorite people would be those reading this - cause you must love me if you made it to the bottom of this uninteresting yet spell check and mother approved blog post.

Carry on.


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