Looking for Eggs in the Easter Egg Hunt of Life

​I am such an analogical writer. As I write about life's quirks, twists, turns, joy and complexity, more often than not, I'm using analogies as my blog posts' backbone. From puppies, to inanimate objects, to situational anomalies--when the mood to write strikes, comparisons fly. 

So it isn't unfamiliar territory or a surprise for you as a reader that today I write about how Easter egg hunts are similar to life and our quest for happiness.

Growing up, we had easter egg hunts every year at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We used the same individually wrapped candy eggs every year (pictured below), and sometimes the same accidentally unwrapped candy eggs every year. That's right, year after year, there wasn't a crack or blemish on something that was intended for consumption (gross, right?). Anyway, the egg hunts became increasingly competitive yearly until my cousins were born and it was more about their enjoyment rather than our egg hunting skills. 

I don't have vivid memories of these egg hunts, but I'm willing to bet tears were shed, sisters were pushed, and there were probably even years I just gave up (kind of like when I first learned to play putt putt). However, what I do remember is the one blue egg, nested comfortably in the pocket of my Grandpa's blue button up shirt. 

The adults counted the eggs before the hunt, so we'd know how many were left in hiding we'd always end up playing the hot/cold game with the last few. And every year, Grandpa kept the last egg in his pocket, the one place we wouldn't have thought to look. We searched high, low, deep and wide for what was right in front of us the whole time.

...and there it is. Easter egg hunts are like our journey through life. How much time do we spend looking for the next best thing? Perhaps it's a new job, a better home, new clothes, more money. Maybe we are hoping for marriage or trying for kids. The thing is, nothing is wrong with wanting any of those things. I want them; several people want them. But when you're not getting what you want, to what degree are you letting it control your life and sway your moods?
Don't let your hunt control your life. Take a look around and appreciate the good things you already have. Very often, happiness comes from what's been there all along - your friends, family, health, home. The other things will come (and go) but don't fight so hard to find the "new and improved" without taking time to look and appreciate what's right in front of you. Life's not so bad and there is some truth to "it is what you make it."

I've seen two men with blue button up shirts on this week that looked just like Grandpa's. Maybe that was my reminder to slow down and be thankful, so I'm passing it on. 

Happy Easter, ya'll! xoxo


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