Places to Try & Things to Buy

I was really in the mood to write this morning but was coming up short on topics. Due to my lack of inspiration, I navigated to to check out the "Trending" section.

Turns out, I don't care about Adam Levine's winning sperm, cats with pedicures, Kanye's incessant rants, Kim Kardashian's naked selfie or the latest in body shaming. I do think the dog on a lawn mower is cute, but is that an engaging blog topic? No, but click here if you want to read about it. ;)

So instead of my normal kinda post, I've decided that today I'm going to give some businesses and brands some free PR. I'm going to share and recommend places you should try and things you should buy based on my recent (and not so recent) experiences. 

Raleigh, you're welcome in advance.

Best place to watch a movie: Raleigh Grande
--Raleigh Grande really stepped it up in the past year! Recliners and food. The food is average, but the comfort is better than your living room couch.

Delicious Coffee: Bittersweet's Maple Latte

Fantastic Grilled Cheeses: Busy Bee or Lucette Grace

New Recipes to try: 

Mexican Food: Dos Taquitos
--it's more pricy than your typical Mexican place, but the atmosphere is fun and the food is truly worth the extra dollars.

Place for random gifts/party supplies: Papersource
Desk calendar from Papersource!

Nail polish color of the moment: Essie Rock the Boat

Lipstick to try: Maybelline Star Wars 30

Hidden restaurant gem: Jalepeno ranch at Chuy's (it's free but not on the menu!) 
--and if you take a framed picture of your dog in, you get a free appetizer and they'll put it on the wall!

Care care: Meineke on Forum Drive - yall know how I feel about this one

Jewelry: Old Navy has some bright and fun accessories right now and there's always a sale.

Breakfast: Big Ed's City Market. The pancakes are bigger than my head, and that's pretty big. I bet you can't finish more than one.

Another restaurant to check out: Sitti. I didn't think I'd like it, but I dream about it nowadays. Okay, no I don't... but it wouldn't be weird if I did.

Date night, or just Friday night: Boxcar Bar & Arcade
-- old school games, popcorn, fun. You can bring your own food in and play all night!

Ice Cream: Fresh, on Glenwood. I will definitely be getting my first scoop of the season very soon.

I feel like you can't end on a higher note than ice cream, so I'm gonna pause here. I highly recommend you check some of these places or things out,

What have you tried lately (or have loved for a while) that you love?? Share in the comments!



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