selfish on a tuesday

In an effort to relate my blog post and my pictures of the day, I'm going to talk about selfishness.  I went outside to play with my dog tonight and all she cared about was whether or not I was giving her a treat.  I just wanted to love her and she only wanted all she could get out of me-- and of course one treat wasn't enough.  Me, Me, Me is the main way  selfishness can be described.  A "me" attitude of what can "I" get, not what can "I" do for you.

People can be selfish in not regarding others' feelings.  They do things that impact others in a negative way just so they feel good.  They may not be set out to hurt anyone, but they are set out for self gratification. 

Despite the negativity that usually comes from selfish actions, today, my thought of the day is this:  

 sometimes selfishness is a necessity.

As Christians, we are told to be "selfless" people.  To give to others, love others, care for others.  To give of our time, talents, money, etc. to others.  Don't get me wrong... I agree.  I like to volunteer, I tithe (although not like I should), I do my Operation Christmas Child box every year and I'd like to say I'm there for friends when they need me.. but there comes a time with EVERYONE where they need to take a moment to be selfish.

Selfishness is a good thing when you stop to take care of yourself.  You are not doing this in a way that you hurt anyone or expect things to be given to you, but you are doing things for yourself.  You can't be everything for everyone and not think of you as well. 

I always use the example of ditching my friends to paint my nails.  Slightly selfish-- but if I don't take care of me for a while, all of my random tasks (like painting my nails) will pile up to one afternoon where I am stressed and trying to do it all.  

Something else to consider is this:  If you don't stop to breathe once in a while and please yourself... people will notice. If you aren't happy, how are you giving your every day tasks your all?  Tomorrow night I am volunteering with the kids choir at church.  If I am not happy, am I really focusing on loving and helping these kids?

As usual, I feel like I'm rambling... but when picking the topic of selfishness tonight I realized it is time for me to be selfish.  Am I saying I'm out being the perfect selfless person?  No.. but I do realize that I haven't been "me" lately and "me" needs to take some time with herself and build herself back up.  Me needs to be selfish.  Me needs to paint her nails bright pink.  Me needs to light a candle and read a book.  Me needs to go buy a new dress.  Me needs to go for a run.  Me needs to hang out with her friends more.  Me needs to be me, and then life can resume.

Of course me knows she can't do it alone.

maybe if I pout I'll get my way.

i'm like my mom, i don't have much patience!


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