Long Tuesday

As usual Tuesday dragged on but at least it left the rain behind.  Today was very routine - work, gym, home - and although it wasn't the best morning, it wasn't a bad day.  

I am blogging from my computer again tonight; it just feels better here than it does dictating to my iPhone (and let's be honest... I type like a champ).  Speaking of my iPhone... I can barely put it down- which is why for my picture of the day I introduce you to my new best friend (haha).

Now that I've upgraded my phone, I really wish I could afford to upgrade my computer too.  Both my desktop and laptop are hanging on by a thread and might as well be sent to a rest home for computers.  Actually, let's face it-- they really need to be sent to the technology equivalent of hospice (no disrespect intended).  Hope for their longevity is skim like my milk.  Luckily I don't use them much-- after being on a computer ALL day at work I don't choose to be on one much at home.  I don't plan on joining the BBC (big backend club) of people who sit all day.  AHH!  haha!

Have a great evening! :)


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