Dear You, Can We Talk?

Dear YouTube, can we talk?  I'd really appreciate it if you didn't crash my browser.  I can't afford a new computer.  Good for you that you felt like changing your life, but why cut me out? WHY?

Dear Verizon, can we talk?  Why is it looking like you are getting rid of unlimited data!?  I can't afford this!  I'm broke!  Do you not care that my phone is my best friend?  Do you not realize the feelings involved here?

Dear Mark Zuckerberg, can we talk?  No one likes the changes on Facebook.  Ever, really.  Just chill out.

Dear Monday, can we talk?  Why couldn't you wait a bit longer?  No one really wants you to come this soon.

Dear room, can we talk?  Could you clean yourself?  I have other things to be lazy.

Dear conscience, can we talk?  Why are you telling me I need to be cleaning my room and not writing a pointless blog?  You know I don't wanna hear that!

Okay, fine.


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