sunday in photos -photo challenge

I always hear of people doing the photo challenge- where they take a picture every single day of what they do.  365 days, 365 (or more) photos.  For someone as non-committal as I can sometimes be (with things of the such at least), this is a very daunting task.  However, in addition to my random "thoughts of the day," I have decided to try and take at least one picture a day -just for fun- something that captures the essence of my day - and share my life with you in photos!  I think that is more fun than Facebook photo uploads and I can tell more stories this way.  So here is October 16th, 2011.

My day today was very relaxing.  Got up and had Sunday morning cuddles with some very sweet girls that I know who Ainsley was babysitting last night. I ended up sleeping over at the last minute after visiting.  This a.m. we had breakfast and I helped them get ready for church;I missed church myself.  Something about sleeping over somewhere unexpectedly with no toothbrush, no pjs, and no shower + no change of clothes after being at the State Fair all day on Saturday doesn't seem like a good option for those I would have been sitting next to.

So I went home, talked with a friend for a good while... napped with my amazing Leaves candles burning, cleaned, went to Caribou Coffee then to Sarah Peters' for a PUMPKIN CARVING PARTY!  See below:

somehow these pics got out of order... so the "after" pic is first.  it's MIKE from Monsters, Inc.!

me and my pumpkin! (not kenny).

love it.


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