it's easy... going out on friday night

Yeah, my title referenced the Rascal Flatts song but I actually didn't go anywhere tonight.  Does anyone have a nice picture to go on the wall of my SHELL?  Yep, I went to dinner with my parents at Cracker Barrel on a Friday night.  My night would have been a little better had we at least gone and done this later as a fam:
I am not quite sure of what body parts these are.
Photo Credit: somewhere on Google I don't want to revisit.

Haha!!  GROSS.  So here are my actual photos of the day:

robyn breaking the law.  too bad we didn't get in trouble,
we would have gotten the rest of the day off of work!

Playing in Hallmark.  With part of it covered, it looks like it
says You're So Forgettable.  How sad would that be?

In Cracker Barrel tonight.  Too bad there wasn't a Blue Devil :(
Yeah, so I ended up hanging out with MY LAUNDRY tonight.  I need more friends so I can have more options.  Tomorrow looks promising though!  Thanks to Stephen I have AWESOME plans tomorrow night!  I can't wait.  I'll blog about it soon I'm sure.  I'm really excited about tomorrow but am sad to say that because of these plans I have to say farewell to the fair for this year.  It is unbelievable that I of all people only went once.  ONCE!  Blasphemy.  Just blasphemy.  :)

I hope everyone else is having a good Friday night and that you aren't at home reading this.  


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