Love A Fair and Love the Snake Lady

Giant bears, the snake lady, the 29 inch woman, the spider girl, two headed animals and giant rats.  Freaks and "oddities" can be seen for just a few bucks!  You have to admit it's tempting. 
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The artwork?  Completely cheesy.  The probability of it?  Completely unrealistic.  The appeal of it?  Strangely intriguing.  Even as a skeptic, I had to do it once.  I knew it was fake... but was curious how realistic they would be able to make it.  I'm sad to announce that the snake lady at the NC State Fair could have used better special effects.  I knew it was fake but I wanted it to mess with my mind at least a little.  It didn't.  However, just spend the $2 once on one of these just for a good laugh.  It's worth at least that.

Maybe I'll apply for her job next year... ;)

PS- for those who have been following my blog and knew I entered the Deep Fried Ambassador contest-an update:  I didn't win.  Has my love for a fair diminished?  NOT IN THE LEAST!  I already have at least 3 days planned of visiting... and I can't wait!


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