football, [rock, paper, scissors,] starbucks

Sitting in Starbucks with Bethany right now is the perfect way to wind down my weekend.  It is relaxing in here (despite the loud music... can we turn it down please?) and this Caramel Spice Apple Cider is SO GOOD.  

This weekend was pretty busy--Duke/VA Tech football game yesterday, a Halloween party last night and getting my new iphone and shopping today.  I'd say it was a good weekend.  (side note, I LOVE my iphone)

Just a few weekend highlights (the rest can be found on Facebook):

just getting started haha


new facebook profile pic?

rock, paper, scissors shoot!

at the end of the night...

just my pic of the day for today :)  blogging and apple cider.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday because for most of us work comes again in the morning!


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