Never trust a girl...

...with a sharp object  ;)

Tonight my night consists of putting together part of my Halloween costume.  If you know me you know I have little to no patience with crafts, so prayers would be appreciated.  haha!  I have big ideas but little patience.  It is rare that my crafty ideas come out looking as anticipated- except last year I think my Halloween props turned out pretty awesome if I must say so myself:

I'll just say stay tuned to see how this one turns out.  It's gonna take some last minute preparations, patience and a lot of duct tape come Saturday night (and lots of Mel's help!)  but for now I've got my Halloween PJs, duct tape, scissors, cell phone and Pandora on the laptop and I'm settled in for the night. 

 [[...and I say not to trust a girl with a sharp object because apparently my dad doesn't.  He just cut out part of my props for me with a box cutter. :)  Oh well, this costume is going to be great!  ]]


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