Loving you is so easy!

Fail... I am such a slacker.  Since the fair starts tomorrow, I am going to post the last blog of my series of “Reasons to ‘Love A Fair.’”  This one is short and sweet.
Why love a fair?  Really????
What’s not to love?
I know, totally lame post... but so very true.  I. Can’t. Wait. to go on Saturday (and the other 2 or 3 times I’m sure I’ll go).  I’ll post next week about how awesome it was. J

...and here is my corny love poem for the fair:

Dear NC State Fair,
Love is in the air.
I'm coming your way.
In a couple more days.
Please feed me well
and work on that smell.
Fun is galore
I'll love you for sure!
When next week comes
and we have to part
just know your fried food and fun
will be in my heart.

hahaha...yeah... it's like that.


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