Rainy Day

20 reasons to be happy:

January 25th:
  • an interesting face on a train
  • a "boffo!" idea (what does that mean!?)
  • grab bags
  • sitting in a well-designed lecture hall
  • fish tanks with sculptures
  • angus beef burgers
  • cheese and wine
  • cable-knit sweaters
  • taking Mom to breakfast
  • a love-filled home
January 26th:
  • hand lotion that really works
  • follow-through
  • a new cookbook
  • supper at a pub
  • bottles of chamomile or clove shampoo
  • aromas from baking
  • exchanging good news
  • having a spirit guide
  • the thrill of danger
  • relishing what you already have
Side Note:  It feels like a Friday.  That is unfortunate being that it is only Wednesday.


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