Catching Up

I haven't posted the past 40 reasons to be happy!  The good news is that the reason I haven't posted them is because I have actually had a good amount of work to do the past few days!  (  which is a reason to be happy, job security! :)  )  Okay, I also forgot a couple of the days too...but that just means there are 40 reasons to be happy plus today's 10 so you have 50 reasons to ponder this morning.  Happy Friday.  (How many times can I say "happy" in this post?  One too many already I would think)

January 10th:
  • post-holiday relief
  • on-time taxis
  • grilled pork chops
  • paw prints on a trail
  • a pile of soft sheets and blankets
  • rechecking the forecast
  • a favorite outfit for lounging
  • the miracle of spontaneous eloquence (I like this one!)
  • a bright red room
  • gauzy streaks of clouds
January 11th:
  • snow globe collections
  • finishing your quota for the day
  • dismissal bell (oh how true that used to be)
  • watching cats watching birds
  • plants freshly watered
  • lower decibels
  • planning a minitrip
  • the intensity of poets
  • wisdom that comes from age
  • getting a bonus game (for you video game nerds :) )
January 12th:
  • a good example
  • the Parthenon
  • tapenade on crostini
  • singing on key
  • a book full of pressed, dried flowers
  • postcards
  • soft flames hissing in the fireplace
  • beautiful pictures in magazine ads
  • great shelves of pink granite on Mount Desert Island, Maine
I just looked Mount Desert Island up.. I would have to agree. :)

  • red-berried twigs
January 13th
  • fuzzy slippers
  • pork and beans
  • unshrinkable flannel shirts (so true, one of mine shrunk this week!)
  • stovetop popcorn
  • no line at a store's return counter (or at the registers for that matter)
  • finishing a crossword on your own (I NEVER have the patience.)
  • steaming hot chocolate
  • sharpened ice skates (who wants to go ice skating?  cause I do.)
  • sun warming the rooms of a house
  • mystery
January 14th:
  • food stylists (?)
  • snowflakes pirouetting
  • fireworks in January
  • a 21 day plan to set a new habit or routine
  • time for reevaluating
  • the profound complexity of white light
  • a place to play your music loudly
  • vintage port
  • onion rings
  • flying an ultralight aircraft
There ya go.  I also want to add something from the day by day calendar of a co-worker... News Headline:  "Crack found in man's pants."  Nice. 

Have a great Friday!


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