Monday Fun

Since when are Mondays so awesome?  For it to be a Monday, I am in a remarkable mood. My weekend was full of games, nerf guns, laughter, fast food, friends, a baby, 4 year olds, good music, coffee and church.  Although tiring, it was worth it.  Maybe my mood is due to the good weekend I had, or maybe to the good days I have ahead of me.  Either way, I'm feeling cheesy today.  My day has FLOWN by today.. that is also a plus. 

Here are the day by day calendar reasons to be happy from January 21-24.

January 21:
  • high school dances
  • a working snowblower
  • the weird world of shopping malls
  • pretzel sticks
  • all the beautiful varieties of grays in winter
  • solar lights
  • saving money
  • white teeth
  • new episodes of your favorite TV shows
  • yoga therapy
January 22
  • an extra roll of paper towels
  • Google gadgets
  • choosing the most rewarding path (the path less traveled by ;) )
  • a paid off loan (oh I wish I knew what that was like)
  • the break you needed
  • rushes of emotion triggered by a song on the radio
  • plaid pajamas
  • bronco beans and little smokies
  • an e-mail from a friend
  • explosively juicy cherry tomatoes
January 23:
  • your fairy godmother (really???)
  • ancient pottery shards
  • what you truly believe in
  • the theme from Sesame Street
  • potato pancakes and applesauce
  • sledding with friends
  • woodpecker "Morse code"
  • fruit preserves on bread
  • the answers in the back of the book (HAHA YES... those were great)
  • dioramas of natural history
January 24:
  • horse blankets
  • cats in the nap position
  • streets at twilight
  • lingonberry and sour cream crepes (sounds gross to me)
  • the vastness of space
  • satisfied wanderlust
  • holding a baby (I got to hold my favorite baby this weekend!)
  • the natural part in your hair (NO.. that is annoying.)
  • making the long-desired purchase
  • simplifying your work (or accompanying it with Pandora)


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