Have they extended the length of an hour?

This has seriously been the longest week.  Yesterday I was wondering if somehow the length of an hour had been officially extended.  Here is to hoping today will pass by a bit more quickly.  Here are your reasons to be happy for the 19th and 20th.  Brought to you by my day by day calendar of course!

January 19th:
  • watching the days grow longer
  • the ferry whistle
  • a handwritten letter
  • root vegetable soup
  • a powerful speech
  • sitting in a window seat -- i've ALWAYS preferred the aisle seat actually..
  • hot coffee in your thermos
  • electrical cords tucked away -- so true they are so annoying.
  • a light backpack
  • wood that's ready for the fireplace
January 20th:
  • clear sidewalks
  • a spinning prism wind chime
  • owning something made of red silk
  • the ability to memorize --i'd include the ability to forget as well.
  • shims to straighten wobbly furniture --my definition of shim comes from 5th grade.
  • the scent of orange blossoms
  • a great opening line
  • a new gallery exhibit
  • Grandma's meatloaf
  • cinnamon tea
My reason for being happy today doesn't come from a calendar.  It comes from a DUKE WIN over NC State last night!  Yay!  That and I'm happy tomorrow is Friday. :)


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