3,650 things to be happy about.

...and I am going to share all 3,650 with you.

Not today, but over the year!  I got a day by day calendar for Christmas this year, and each day lists 10 things to be happy about.  It has been a while since I've posted anything on here, so I have decided that my calendar could be a possible source of writing inspiration.  Some days I may simply list the 10 things and nothing more, and some days' lists could provide paragraphs of meaningful or meaningless thoughts from this thing they call a mind. :) I'm not extremely long winded today (does that apply when typing, not talking?) so it will be more of a listing.

It's the 3rd, so I have 30.  Let's catch up. 
January 1st
  • renting classic movies -yep since I still haven't finished It's A Wonderful Life.
  • the Yule log
  • a red barn
  • comet particles -umm sure... that makes me so happy today!
  • a warm greenhouse -NOT if you're Frosty the Snowman!
  • resolutions you keep to yourself
  • getting new calendars
  • a fresh fruit cup -if you're Emily McDonald!
  • champagne cocktails
  • being awakened by a kiss -slobbery dog?
January 2nd
  • worn Oriental rugs
  • overnight success
  • finding your sea legs
  • the fossil record
  • beach shacks in Hawaii
  • slalom racing
  • fish balls and corn bread
  • a clean slate
  • outlet store shopping
  • starting a brand-new book
Ok... can someone please explain to me what "finding your sea legs" means?  Fish balls?  Again, SEA LEGS???

Also, ironic that I went outlet store shopping yesterday... how did my calendar know? :)

January 3rd
  • your inner resources
  • bargain hunting
  • a comfortable old chair
  • the freshest milk
  • Zen art
  • a cat licking you
  • unexplored freedom
  • a collection of cacti
  • reglaing an honred guest
  • riverside drives
I did go to the thrift store on my lunch break... so maybe bargain hunting is something to be happy about. 

My favorite of all 3 days so far is unexplored freedom.  Something about those two words makes me want to go on an adventure.  Why wait?

So there you have it.  30 reasons to be happy. It's the little things... and we both know it.  I can give 10 reasons right now just for ME to be happy today... can you?
  • 2 and 1/2 hours until 5 p.m.
  • Hanging out with new friends tonight
  • Meeting new people
  • Nail polish that hasn't chipped for 3 days
  • Delicious lunch
  • A great week ahead
  • Work to do
  • A good hair day
  • Facebook chat
  • Advil
Until tomorrow!


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