If you want to live without regrets in 2011, don't do anything stupid.

The title of this post is something random that has been on my mind today.  People always say "live without regrets" and things of the sort... but living without regrets doesn't just mean doing things so you won't regret not doing them.  It also means not doing things you may regret later.  You still have to think about the consequences of your actions in all aspects of what you do.  You're right; I am not the best person to give advice on this.  I follow my heart way more often than my head... but I do believe it is time for my heart and head to be friends.  There is a happy medium of logical thinking and feelings.  You can't over think things, but you can't do everything on a whim.  Not every time at least.  So if you're going to do something... do it with all of your heart after consulting with your head.  Confused yet? :)

On a side note... I had a really good weekend.  Friday night was spent doing nothing but cooking dinner and talking (minus tv) to a friend from Campbell for hours.  Sometimes I wonder if we were better off without technology.  It was so nice to just talk and catch up.  Then again... without Mapquest I may have gotten lost on the way to her house.  So I take that back. 
Saturday night I had a re-gifting party with my friends from here.  I was the lucky recipient (after having a couple of things stolen) of the "Merry Mooning Santa."  Pictures available on Facebook later.  Also re-gifted was a bootleg dvd of a Christmas movie and a book about relationships.  Brian brought a tranquility fountain.  Who gives a man a tranquility fountain!?
Sunday night I had Fujisan with some friends I spent a lot of time with back in high school.  Some of them I hadn't seen in years.  It was a lot of fun and great to know that none of us had changed a bit.  I think everyone should make it a point to get together with old friends and not get dragged into the routine of what they do every weekend.  (although I love the friends I have now).

If you are still reading... here are my day by day calendar "Reasons To Be Happy" for the weekend, yesterday, and today.

January 15 and 16:
  • backroading
  • old whaling ships
  • the word "poppycock" -- hahaha!  that did make me laugh, I admit.
  • the sudden tickle of a forthcoming sneeze -- that does not make me happy.  especially if I'm driving.
  • accepting every inch of your body
  • the sounds of the forest
  • a clatter of dishes
  • free coffee refills
  • feeling flush from exercise
  • steam outside from the clothes dryer
  • armchair anthropology
  • the yellow-brick road
  • the froth of a bath
  • your favorite reading glasses
  • rooms with high ceilings
  • visiting Wyoming
  • eating hot oatmeal with brown sugar
  • tired kids in bed
  • the metronome of rain
  • ancient alphabets
January 17th:
  • visiting the White House
  • your grandparents in Florida
  • a notebook filled with da Vinci-like, grand ideas
  • protecting civil liberties
  • home cooking
  • conversation pieces
  • free delivery
  • a clear road ahead
  • the smell of snow coming --when I first read this I thought it said "a cow" instead of "snow" I disagreed.
  • the details in a sunlit rock
January 18th:
  • unforgettable childhood memories
  • fleece-lined slippers
  • monklike devotion
  • a beautiful view from your workstation
  • a doggie bag
  • muscles worked hard--ughh mine hurt today for the record.
  • using your gift cards
  • collaborating on a snowman
  • flights on schedule
  • finding streets with interesting names
Until tomorrow! 


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