20 Happy Things

In continuing my quest for happiness (or maybe just in my continuing to rip new pages off of my day by day calendar) I will share yesterday and today's reasons to be happy.

January 4th

  • new ideas
  • idiosyncratic Sedona, Arizona
  • a warmed-up engine --would have been nice today...is it really going to SNOW again?
  • verisimilitude
  • a roadblock removed
  • preparing a meal --that doesn't turn out a disaster
  • rolling a lucky number--Vegas?
  • ham sandwiches--whatever... ham sandwiches are nothing without cheese and chips
  • an out of the way meeting place-- no no.. not without a gps that ISN'T out to kill you like mine is.
  • sleeping in a football jersey

January 5th

  • sacred space--I'm not touching you!
  • making faces at monkeys
  • believing
  • peppermint ice cream
  • bookshelves lining a room
  • snow sculptures
  • the art of reading faces--would be just as nice as reading minds if it was possible to be accurate.
  • the buttoning on of winter --what??
  • imaginative egg dishes -- gross!
  • an electric typewriter in the attic--if you want to end up on an episode of Hoarders...
Side note... this has possibly been THE longest day of my life.  It is never going to end.  After reading about imaginative egg dishes though... how could I not be in a HAPPY MOOD?  haha... :)  Happy Wednesday everyone!


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