to the one for me...

To the one for me,

I probably haven't met you yet but I can't wait to see how we come together.  I believe you're out there and sometimes I giggle to myself when I think about you.  I laugh because I know you are going to have to deal with me someday and there's nothing you can do about it.  

I imagine you've been blessed with the patience I've never been given (you're going to need it).  I would also like to think you are a decisive person for those nights I "don't care" where we eat.  You probably share my sense of humor or will at least validate me by laughing at my jokes (and I'll appreciate that).

Whoever you are, please don't be afraid of heights.  Please enjoy a good cheeseburger because this girl could never be vegetarian.  I'm convinced you will not own a pair of Crocs and I love that you will think I'm beautiful even when I'm not wearing make up.  I want to thank you in advance for going to the mall with me when no one else can and for not making fun of me when buyer's remorse kicks in.

As for me, I'll take care of you when you're sick, surprise you with cookies and let you hang out with the boys.  When your team loses I'll let you be grumpy and when I'm PMSing I'll try not to be.  I'll always be excited to see you and never let it get too much like a routine.  I'll appreciate the nice things you do for me and never take you for granted or expect too much.  I promise I'll be faithful.  

Really, the only thing to be scared of is my friends.  They're a tough crowd and they won't put up with another heartbreaker.  You'll have to work to impress more than just me.  Sorry, bud.

I know that you will compliment me and encourage me but you will also tell me when something is wrong so we fix it.  You'll be a jerk sometimes and I'll be a little crazy but at the end of the day you're who I will want to say goodnight to. 

When the day comes it won't always be perfect but we'll be perfect for each other.  It's hard when things don't work out here and there... but when we're together all of the dry red velvet cake won't matter cause I will have found my Funfetti! (Thanks Bryan)

Let's do some cool things between now and then so we have fun stuff to talk about on our first date.  I know I will cause it's time to enjoy each day and not keep waiting for things to change before doing so.

See you soon!



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