Barnstorming Tour

So clearly I cheated and jumped back on the social media train a day before I had planned... but yesterday was so exciting.  I had to post pictures on all forms of social media because I really couldn't resist.

Stephen, Jason and I went to the Barnstorming Tour at Ravenscroft high school last night.  The top seniors from Wake Forest, Duke, State, Carolina and others played in a charity game against Ravenscroft players.  With lots of cheating, shorts being pulled down and a lot of embarassing dunks it was so much fun to watch.  I'm a Duke fan to the core and was disappointed Seth and Ryan were both on crutches but I really enjoyed all of the talent - (YES, even the Carolina players)!  Honestly, though, I would pay $12 to watch Mason Plumlee run up and down the court alone...

As if your feeds weren't already inundated with my photos from last night, here they are in more of a consolidated fashion. :)

mason plumlee

alex murphy

nolan smith

phil ford - for my aunt ;)

scott wood

quinn cook

Oh yeah, and Nolan Smith retweeted my photo of us last night.  It was almost as awesome as the time Randy Jackson replied to my tweet to him.  Yeah, I'm a total nerd...

I love basketball.


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