Can Openers > Cups of Sugar

I'm prepping my dinner tonight and realize our can opener grew legs and ran away overnight, probably with the fork and spoon.  ALL I want is to be able to open my black beans and eat dinner but despite popular belief I have no claws and the can opener is no where to be found.

So I head over to our neighbor's door determined to borrow a can opener.  You know, like borrowing a cup of sugar big bad wolf style.  As in, I am the wolf and I'm hungry for my beans.

After interrupting Fifa, I'm told by neighbor 1 (Joey) that their apartment has no can opener.  Fine, neither do I... but that's because it's LOST... not because I DON'T HAVE ONE.  Who doesn't have a can opener!??

Luckily, I gave Joey the opportunity to showcase his manhood and open it for me anyway with a knife large enough to commit a murder (note to self, keep them on our good side).

Joey is a man and I get my beans.  We all win.

Happy Tuesday.


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