roommates, rooftops and ridiculousness

It is no secret how much I love my roommate, Bethany.  From the summer weeks at church camp to 4 years of college to now, I've had some good roommates and some really, really bad ones. Bad as in strange, crazy or maybe even certifiably insane.  I was once blamed for a cheating boyfriend (who I'd never met), woke up once to scissors next to my face with the threat of a surprise haircut, and have been lied to, stolen from and routinely ignored.  Oh, and there's also the time I went on a family trip with a roommate to find a blow up doll in the guest room of their beach house.  That was special.  So, yeah... it's safe to say Bethany is a keeper. 

Last night we had dinner on the rooftop at Lynnwood Grill.  It was perfect.  Springtime has us restless and sitting around the apartment right now is hardly an option.  On the way out, for amusement purposes only (and maybe cause we're a little crazy), we told Luis the flea market crab goodbye.  
isn't he cute?

I could not stop laughing.  Something about telling an inanimate object goodbye was hilarious.  It's bad enough when I tell my fish how handsome he is and how he's the only man in my life (should I admit that?).  As we laughed our way up the stairs I had a moment where I realized how great life is right now.  These are the moments I will miss one day... hanging out with my friends whenever I want to, doing what I want to, eating where and when I want to... etc.  Being silly and stupid and ridiculous all the time and making memories -- these moments are the best.  We will miss it one day.

Yeah, we're single and everyone but us seems to be in love and spring fever abounds... but right now we're happy and have a summer ahead of great things to look forward to.  We have no one to make happy but ourselves and it's not so bad.  My date last night?  One of my best friends in the world and one of the best roommates I could ask for.  I can't believe when we met I didn't think we would be such good friends.

Side note:  this also happened last night - and I am extremely disappointed in my Facebook friends for their lack of being amused by it.  We were amused at least...

Happy Hump Day!


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