empty apartment, full house

Today doesn't seem like a Monday.  More often than not, Monday night means Harris Teeter and a Redbox movie with Bethany (brownies and/or ice cream optional).  However, Bethany is in Ohio, the apartment is empty and I'm watching my third episode in a row of Full House.

Oh, to be back in the 90s watching Full House, playing with Barbies, petting our old dog Punky and irritating the life out of my sister.  If only I could go back and beg my mom not to let me get the "mushroom" haircut and if only I still had my Lion King backpack and lunchbox.  You know I'd still use them.

I used to sneak watching Power Rangers on mute in between practicing my songs on the piano.  If only I still practiced.  I also used to play outside more - and I should do that too.

I wish my biggest concern was coloring in the paws on my "paws for reading" worksheet instead of paying bills and meeting deadlines.  I wish I were playing with my happy meal toys under my dad's desk while he works instead of sitting behind one myself.

I miss my indiglo watch, my neon pink phone and my neon orange wayfarers.  

Instead of the sound of a text message or the dishwasher, I liked the sound of my dad cutting grass or my mom talking on the kitchen phone that had the longest spiral cord in the world while I played all day long because I was out of school for summer.

Full House takes me back to my childhood and so does this time of year.  Spring and Summer make me oh so excited and even though I won't be getting "out of school,"I know that so much is ahead. 

Adventures, fun and trouble.  Bring it on.


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