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Sigh.  Abstaining from social media is easier than I thought it would be but I do miss it.  This weekend I took the best picture of Bryan running around in a giant eyeball and I hated not being able to post it to Facebook.  However, time away from the noise, the drama and the addiction has actually been refreshing.  So here is my ghost post.  I won't be posting the link to Facebook or Twitter this time so I'm not sure anyone will even read it or know it has been posted.

It's a shame I actually have nothing interesting to talk about.  This could be a post where I express my deepest secrets and take a chance at posting them and they may only be discovered by the few and the proud.  Hmm...

Yeah if you know me, you know I'm way too open of a person to have deep dark secrets.

I did eat my leftovers for tomorrow's lunch as soon as I got home tonight.  There.  I feel better getting that off of my chest.


I'll try harder this week to think of something interesting for my faithful readers.  Let's be honest-- the title of this post should be procrastination.  So much to do, so close to bedtime... yet here I am.

And here is Bryan.. as an eyeball.


  1. I read it ;). And I admire you for taking a break from Facebook. If I was braver, I'd do it too :).


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