I really wish I could sing.
Okay, I can sing, and I do sing at the top of my lungs every day in the car, but I wish I could sing well.
I have to tell you how great The Band Perry's new album Pioneer is. Today, it will be on repeat on Spotify and today it will be purchased shortly at Target so I can continue to sing in the car. I heard one of the songs last night on QDR on the top 5 countdown and immediately became obsessed.
Gotta love relevant music. If I were a singer, I'd sing a mix of Taylor Swift/Carrie Underwood/Miranda Lambert/The Band Perry type songs. People can hate on them all they want to... but like my blog is my outlet for my feelings, so is a good girl power country song and these ladies (and couple of guys) do it well.

Feeling sassy today.


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