just because...

Go ahead and mark it on the calendar:  for once, I have nothing to say.  Nothing specific at least.  Nothing to brag over, complain about, get excited for or hop up on the soapbox to discuss.  However, on an afternoon as perfect as this, curled up in our new living room chair listening to music with Bethany while simultaneously playing on our laptops... I feel like writing a blog.  

So here is my blog, "just because."  Because I like to write, because I have nothing else to do (which is a lie, I have mounds of dirty laundry) and, well, because I can!

I just made cookies and cream popcorn to sneak into the movies tonight and may or may not have licked the bowl with Bethany's help.

Velveeta shells & cheese comes in queso blanco now... WHAT?

I found a $7 little black dress and rocked it with my roommate last night.

I'm wearing a free t-shirt.  Gotta love those.

I have slept for a grand total of 8 hours this entire weekend.

Green River Ordinance is a new favorite band.  I kind of played Bingo with (aka nearby) them last week.

I played Bingo last week.  No, I'm not on an AARP mailing list.

It's time to cook dinner and dance a little more in the kitchen.

You just wasted a couple of minutes reading one of my more pointless blogs... probably "just because..."  :)  


  1. I enjoy a fair amount of bloggers, but I think you're my favorite.


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