How's this for a post out of the ordinary?

As usual I started my morning today with cereal (per the serving size on the box... FYI cereal serving sizes are the equivalent of maybe 3 bites) and a bit of GChatting with Carmen.  I asked her what I should write a blog about today and I knew her response would be one of two things... either "poop" or "me." 

So here is my blog about Carmen Waardenburg.

This is Carmen:
No wait.  THIS is Carmen:

This is Carmen's dog:

Nevermind..THIS is Carmen's dog:

You never know what you're going to get with Carmen Waardenburg.  She loves her dog  a little way too much, makes some of the ugliest faces I've ever seen, acts drunk when she's sober, laughs too much at things that aren't that funny, discusses poop and says things that make absolutely no sense...and it seems some of this has rubbed off on me.

Find a Carmen in your life... it's worth it.

I honestly consider her one of my best friends - and my sister wife according to some guys we will (hopefully) never see again....oh, and she's my cousin who sells prosthetic legs and arms... according to more guys we will (hopefully) never see again...


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