Thursday Thoughts

The blog is called thought of the day (by Lori)... but I have oh so many thoughts to choose from!  What do I talk about tonight?  Decisions, Decisions.  I think I will just go with... everything that's on my mind! 

Like... do you wash your new clothes before wearing them?  I don't, but I feel like some people may think that's gross (underwear is excluded in that statement, just for the awkward record).  Whatever.

Also on my mind... the fact that for the first time in 4 days I have feeling in my right foot.  I can't say the same for the left, though.  I did too much dancing in my heels last weekend; Dr. Scholl's inserts didn't help me this time!  I kind of want to celebrate being able to walk normally today, but celebrating could include dancing, and then where would I be?  

Today was Robyn's last day at work with me.  She helped me get the job and I GUESS we became friends as a result.  It's debatable whether or not we will continue after today.  Kidding...I'm glad we worked together for the past year because she really has become a good friend.  However, I honestly can't believe I made it a whole year of lunch breaks without dying in her car.  I also can't believe we got feathers in our hair this summer.

Speaking of Robyn... tomorrow we were supposed to go on the Friday morning Free For All on Bob & The Showgram (G105).  Talk about chickening out.  She said her life wasn't interesting enough and I decided mine was too interesting.  Maybe next time.  Oh the field day Bob Dumas would have had making fun of me!  Everyone knows how easy that is to do.  Such is life.

Next up:  I think I snore. I have no proof... but I really think I snore when I sleep on couches (if that even makes sense). ...which brings me to my exciting thought of the day... DID YA SEE THE GAME LAST NIGHT?  I fell asleep during halftime and woke up to a pretty lame score.  As I got ready to just throw in the towel and actually go to bed, I see it's a super close game.  Thank goodness I woke up and stayed up, and thank goodness for Austin Rivers.  A friend's Facebook status put it best about his love/hate relationship for A.R.  I think Duke and Carolina fans alike can agree with that.

I'm thankful for the weekend and can't believe it's already here.  Last weekend will be hard to top but easy to beat... only because I don't have to drive 3 hours after going over 24 hours without sleep.  Am I in college again?  Wait... I got more sleep in college.  I think this calls for a do-over.  Hmm... if I go back to college I can put off paying my student loans....

I'm just rambling.  Welcome to my mind.  Thoughts of the day by Lori.  :)


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