Just hold on...

...Spring is coming!

What I can't wait for:
  • dresses, dresses, dresses
  • volleyball
  • strawberry pie
  • being able to wear neon pink and it be acceptable
  • dresses
  • more sunshine
  • being able to eat outside
  • March Madness
  • dresses
  • mini golf
  • first beach trip
  • iced coffee
  • flowers blooming
  • longer days
  • 2nd annual easter egg hunt with friends (yes... it HAS to happen)
  • dresses
  • music at north hills
  • more outdoor running/less treadmill
  • being able to curl my hair
  • Yogurt Mountain
  • etc!
Ahhh I can hardly wait!  This morning felt a lot like my summer routine - gym/Lafayette Village/early to work - and it's really pretty outside!  I felt encouraged that Spring and Summer are on their way yet again.  :)  Now to make it through the work day...

[In case you were wondering, YES, I'm ready to wear dresses every single day that I can.  You'd never believe I actually hated them growing up.]

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