God: Like a Microwave

Just a warning:  this blog post is a little cheesy... but that’s the way analogies can be sometimes.  The analogy came as I was microwaving my lunch.  
So here’s the deal.  I had Lean Cuisine’s pasta alfredo and the instructions said to microwave for 4 minutes, stir, and pop it back in for 2 more.  2 minutes and 45 seconds into it, the pasta was good to go.  Our break room has the most powerful microwave of all time.  That may be an exaggeration, but in my microwave experience I would say it’s an accurate statement.  Clearly I’m a microwave expert.  No need to stir, no need to finish out the 4 minutes and definitely no need for the additional two.  The pasta had cooked to perfection (as perfect as a Lean Cuisine gets).
The box may have implied an unsatisfactory meal if the directions weren’t followed, but the power of the microwave changed everything.  If I was using my microwave at home, I probably would have had to do 5 additional minutes.  Does anyone see what I see here?
Previous experience and the words of others (the opinions of the world) may tell you something is impossible.  You may feel discouraged, believing things will not go as planned in various situations... but isn’t it nice to know that God can allow the best things to happen in your life because he is more powerful than your adversities?  He is powerful enough to do anything in HIS time, not yours.
Lunchtime wisdom.


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