mini vacation

Why yes, I have spent the last 3 weeks in Charlotte.  Yes, it is 3 hours away and a half tank of gas each way.  Yes - it's a little excessive, but no, I don't regret it!

Sometimes you just need a mini vacation; a getaway from the norm.  If you know me, you know it was much needed!  This makes the third weekend I've visited (in a row) and I love it.  Of course I had to come back this weekend, I left my hairspray and my phone charger here...(thanks Eric for the temp).  Lynae told me today it's like I go to work during the week and come home on the weekend.  :)

valentine's phone charger ha!!

I won't be back next week, but I can say it has been extremely fun and very refreshing.  I've gotten to see both Lynae and Whitney this month, meet new friends, go to 3 different malls (Charlotte has the best malls!), eat at a Tapas restaurant for the first time (fried shrimp and grits?!), danced with Where's Waldo (although I'd prefer to take that experience back), pulled an all nighter, helped Lynae move into her new place, oh.. and watched Duke win Thursday night (of course I had to throw that in there)!

I'll be tired at work for the third Monday in a row... but I might as well live it up while I'm young, right?

What has your February been like?  Hurry, Spring!


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