Friday Fun with YouTube PART 1

Need some help making it through Friday?  Check out some of my favorite YouTube videos and comment with some of yours!

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On
Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, Two
Red House - where black people and white people buy furniture
Can I have yo numba?
My Push Up Bra Wil Help Me Get My Man

I'm Elmo & I know it
Flea Market Montgomery

Falling Videos:
Black Guy Falls Off of Treadmill
Scarlett Takes a Tumble
Dumbest Kid Alive

Sneezing Panda
Scratch, Sniff & Fall Monkey
Surprised Kitty
Dope Zebra

Are you serious?!:
I'm a Snake
Honey Boo Boo Child

Part 2 coming soon... Happy FRIDAY! :)


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