Red Flag Friday - When your friends are their enemies

Today’s Red Flag comes from the male perspective.  Call me lazy cause I don't feel like blogging today or you can thank me for recognizing that there are just as many undatable girls as there are guys.  I asked my friend and follow blogger Cole Watts to highlight a red flag from the guy’s point of view.  Read on:

Hey guys, what’s a red flag for me when it comes to women? Well I’ve had the pleasure of dating some interesting women in my life, but one red flag I always tell people to keep an eye on is if she expects you to go to her events, but she always seems to bail when you make the plans or you want her to hang out with your friends.  

I mean it’s cool that she invited you last weekend to party with her friends, but this weekend should be your time to make the plans right?

Giving and taking in a relationship should always be done by both parties. When she starts to say every time that she’s tired or has a headache when your friends are around it might be a cause of concern.

ME: “Hey, everything is set.  It looks like we’re going hiking this weekend.”
HER: “But your friends are so stupid and I don’t like them.  Why don’t you
go without me and have fun?”

HER: “Let’s go hang out with my friends tonight.”
ME: “But we’re going out tomorrow night, to see my
friend perform.”
HER: “But that sounds so boring.”
Now guys, girls are awesome, however if you have to compromise everything you are in order to be with a significant other now might be time to break the cord and get away.

Relationships should have give and take on both sides, but if one party is not willing to make equal sacrifices as the other one, is then it might be time to go your separate ways.

I agree with Cole and something can be said about the significant other who won't go with you to something you enjoy for the sake of spending time with you. Yes, it's great to have a life outside of your relationship.  Yes, friendships should be valued.  I tend to reserve movie/brownie/nail painting nights for my girl friends and not the guy I'm dating... but if he's never willing to join me for group events with my friends, it's a problem. If someone doesn't like hanging out with your friends because they are ignorant losers, then you may be the one who is the problem...however, if your friends rock, then carry on...SINGLE.  I won't break out the soapbox today but stay tuned until next week when I hop back on.  Happy [red flag] Friday!  Thanks, Cole!

About Cole:
Cole is a local marketer who blogs at and writes the weekly Marketing event newsletter at the Triangle 7


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