Disappearing Act

Once I had a roommate try to cut my hair in my sleep and another roommate's family kept a blow up doll in their beach house.  A couple of years ago I was robbed at gunpoint.  The week I got my first speeding ticket, I lost my job, my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me and my dog had surgery... then I won Brad Paisley tickets on accident.  Don't forget the time I found out my "boyfriend" was really a married guy cheating on his wife...

Needless to say, I have a pretty big list random stories I can share with people of the ridiculously amusing that have happened to me so far in life.  Most of them are followed by an "only you, Lori."  After sharing one of these stories recently with a friend, I decided it would be fun to share this one with my blog readers.

His name was John.  We went to separate schools but hung out on occasion.  Went to movies and the mall, you know, high schooler stuff.  He was my first Valentine's date, ever.  We went to Taco Bell and he gave me a handwritten letter with a blue lollipop shaped like lips (that I saved for years of course).  I totally liked him but we never actually dated.  One day, he disappeared.  Off the map, off the radar, gone.  He never called or returned my calls and even mutual friends lost touch with him.

Four or five years later I'm working a summer at the early learning center and dating the guy who broke up with me the week of my speeding ticket.  One of our 4 year old classes was writing letters to men in the Army.  How cute, right?  I browsed the names and there it was:  John.  Just for fun, I wrote to this John and told him how I had a friend with the same name in high school.  I said I doubt this is you, but if so... where have you been!?  I wished him well in either case and forgot about it. 

Only me.  This would only happen to me.  John tracked me down through the daycare and asked if he could have my e-mail address.  We caught up briefly and he admitted the feelings he had for me back in high school.  He then asked me to leave my boyfriend for him because there had to be a reason that God brought us back together.  "Aren't you longing for more?"  Oh, he was still so attractive...

So what happened?  I told him no and he disappeared again.  He quit talking to me, and changed his e-mail address (cause believe me, I tried it after the break up).  I guess he never did have Facebook and he also deleted his Yahoo Messenger.  It is almost as if he never existed...twice.

Another random story of my life.  If I had been single upon our reconnection, I would have imagined a reunion worthy of a Nicholas Sparks novel...(we would have been the real life Dear John!) but like many things in life it was clearly not meant to be.  Who knows what happened to John.  Now you see me now you don't...


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