Random Memory Tuesday

In college, my friend Whitney had a roommate named Sam.  Sam had a hamster named Lamra and a fiancée named Joe.
One Saturday night we did what college students attending a college in the middle of nowhere did... nothing.  Nothing as in playing with a hamster and most likely having girl talk about the boy it was named after.  (Oh, but that's another ridiculous story)
The next morning I receive panicked messages on AIM (which who knew it still existed!?) that Lamra was missing.  This obviously meant he was either dead or would be dead soon, and then we would be too when Sam returned.
So the normal thing to do was to put on clothes fit for a trip to Wal-Mart and rush across campus on my bike like I'm straight up on a mission.
Luckily he turned up.  Where did we find Lamra?  Peeing on and chewing up a pile of Joe's love letters to Sam. 

What do you think the point of this story is?  To always make sure to lock the hamster cage?  No.  The point of the story is that hamsters don't like love.
College memories.
photo credit: reddit.com


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