Cheese, Cats & Life

Seriously, I love cheese.  Mac and cheese.  Nachos and Cheese.  Ham and Cheese.  Grilled Cheese.  Fried Cheese (State Fair?).  Cheese dip.  Block of cheese.  Slice of cheese.  I mean, I even love cheesy dates, jokes, and cheesing for the camera...
Cheese is THE BEST.
So my blog post today is about cheese.  Most of my blogs are about my failures at relationships and dating, and though my dating life is ridiculous (usually non existent) and amusing... I do want you (whoever actually reads this) to know that I care about more than my potentially impending cat lady status.  Someone overheard me mentioning bitterness last night and said "oh, I've read your blog."  I'm not bitter (always); I'm mainly just entertained by the strange situations I get myself into.
So I like cheese.  How much more generic of a blog post can I write?
FORGET IT... Red Flag Friday is coming soon and let's be honest... I write most passionately about the humor in the shortcomings of my life so check back on Friday.  I'll come up with something different to write about soon but until then... I like cheese, my life is strange, and I honestly don't want a cat. Deal with it.

...but maybe...


  1. on our next date i'm going to bring you a hunk of cheese. or maybe just shredded cheese because thats what i have in my fridge.


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