Red Flag Friday, Week 3: Selfies

Today's red flag is not only a red flag in dating, but also a newfound pet peeve of mine.
Specifically, Guys.  Taking.  Selfies.
I could probably stop here; why elaborate on the obvious?  Let's be honest... in at least 7 out of 10 cases, if the guy you're dating posts selfies on his Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, it is a RED FLAG.  I can't count the number of girls who have mentioned this in passing.
This red flag is screaming narcissism.  Do you really want to date a narcissist?  Do you want someone who values himself over you one hundred percent of the time?  Sure, loving yourself is important, but in any relationship (friendship or dating), there has to be give and take.  Joining narcissism for the ride is arrogance and selfishness.  Is it me or are these traits rather unappealing?
So here's the bottom line:  If he takes selfies, he's probably not interested in you.  Girls taking selfies is bad enough (yet more widely accepted), but if he is taking them, run away.  He's not interested in you because he's interested in himself, or perhaps men.  Sorry.
I even had a guy's input on this one.  Bros don't let bros take selfies.  End of story.
a selfie against selfies.  just don't do it.


  1. You could probably apply this the other way around too. Females taking selfies tend to be a bit more narcissistic. The only thing is to make sure that the photo being taken is for "taking a picture of her" and not "taking a picture of the situation with me in it". Females tend to have more attachment to a time when there are photos of it. I'm sure there's some psychological science junk to it. I would put the Law of Moderation to it. So long as it's not excessive, it should be alright.

    In any case, no duck face. That's just bad.


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