Thursday NOMS

Thank you Pinterest for being a wonderful time waster and supplier of great ideas; I have been feeling so inspired lately!  I pinned a lot of fun things yesterday, bought fabric to make this top, am brainstorming lots of upcycle ideas and re-created this great snack idea last night.  Feel free to follow the link to see how to make Yogurt Dots, or see below for my own rendition (which is exactly the same but probably a little less neat and with more of a mess).

First, I bought 3 flavors of yogurt at Food Lion.  Yoplait would have been fine, but I went with the cheaper option.  Last night's trial used this flavor:

Next step:  Spoon out the yogurt into a ziplock bag, and lick the remainder as to not waste any.

Cut a small part of the corner of the bag off.  I learned my lesson with this...twice.  It really does need to be a small hole.  If it is too big it will be a mess and you will have less cute little yogurt dots in the end and more shaped like elephants rather than dots.

Squeeze into blobs onto a pan or into a container (I did both) and stick in the freezer!

Remove from freezer shortly after... and look what we have!

Final step: Share with others.  Or not.  Your choice. :)


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