Another day, another scam...

Confession:  This morning I was a victim of the rumor mill involving gravitational pull.  In my morning procrastination on Facebook, I see various photos on my news feed of standing brooms with talk of such things.  Of course without researching first, I run to the bathroom and try it myself.  Boy, I thought I was cool.

after a little red light googling (everyone with a smart phone has done it), I find out that brooms have always been able to stand up.  See this article from 2009.  Apparently there are solar storms going on (I rarely watch the news so I won't elaborate because I have no idea...), but brooms are not affected.

I think I'm going to start posting random pictures of weird things that happen and blame them on various solar activities. 

My nail polish is chipping!  It must be because Pluto is no longer a planet.


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