A Seri(yawn...)ous Problem

I have a serious yawning problem.  You may laugh, but I really do think it's a problem. 

I rarely have a satisfying yawn.

Maybe one out of 10 is successful, but often I find myself yawning repeatedly just trying to rid myself of the yawn trigger (yep, I made that up) until finally the feeling goes away. 
Definition:  Yawn Trigger:  The feeling you get where you have to yawn, that drives you crazy if you try to resist it.  Kind of like holding your pee.  You just have to let go.
Anyway, I get in these spurts where I can't stop, and it drives me absolutely insane.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Please tell me I'm not alone in the madness.

i. can't. stop.

this is very much how i feel.

I bet you're yawning right now.


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