...in clarification

My previous blog post is MY opinion.  Some of the comments I have gotten I actually agree with and have no response other than you have made some good points, but let's not forget this is my opinion.  I'm not "persecuting" anyone, I am only voicing my opinion.  If I am bombarded constantly by "Vote Against" posters and Facebook statuses, I feel I am allowed to say why I am going to vote FOR. 

I agree.  I cut my hair, and I don't quarantine myself when menstruating (see comment on my previous post), and I know that people do not follow many of the old testament ways.  So let me say that biblical reasoning aside, I still do not agree with homosexuality.  I believe if it were acceptable in God's eyes, then two women or two men would be able to procreate.

I also agree with Brent.  I don't want to see my friends stoned, or anyone stoned for that matter.  I don't even believe in the death penalty because I believe in redemption and forgiveness of all sins through Jesus Christ.  I just can't look in the eyes of someone doing something I don't think is right and tell them I think it's okay.

Also - I have made decisions in the past and all the time that friends don't agree with.  I recently have made many friends angry with my choices but they loved me through it all.  As a 25 year old female I appreciate their opinions/advice and "as iron sharpens iron" I accept their criticism and Christian leading with gratitude (Proverbs 27:17).  I do not feel as if they are belittling me or treating me as a "10 year old."  I sin and so do they and we are there to call each other out on our junk.

As for my last point in the blog- again, opinion.  I don't need reasons to support it or to justify it to anyone.  It's how I feel and I know many agree and many don't.

I am not perfect, and by NO MEANS do I think homosexuality is the "worst" or "only" sin.  However, this blog is about Amendment One and this amendment doesn't address any of the many other sins in this world so I didn't feel the need to discuss any of those.

I hate that I have offended people, as I do have homosexual friends that I care a lot about.  When I'm around them, I think nothing of it.  I don't think negatively of them or any less of them as a person. However, being their friend doesn't change the fact that I believe this, and I'm not sorry for following what I PERSONALLY believe God wants me to. 

If I'm wrong, I don't think it will affect my spot in heaven.


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